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At DEBTCloud, We have been working very hard to create a user friendly, fully function business tool to help run your debt collection business. Each month we release new features and we make them cost effective to suit your Business size and growth.

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Main Features

Here at DEBTCloud we are always innovating and developing new functionality our customers want. We have a monthly release cycle of tested functionality to address your pressing business needs. Here are just some of the features DEBTCloud offers...

Easy to Use

We believe software should be simple to use and not need a complicated instruction manual, so we designed all the interfaces to be as intuitive as possible to use, minimising staff training and getting you operational as fast as possible.

Mobile Friendly Design

Regardless of where you do business either on the road or at a desk if you have an Internet connection and a compatible device ie a Desktop Computer, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone, DEBTCloud has a responsive design that works seamlessly over most devices, for you and your clients.


Built in ticketing system with a fast responding email box is available to you. You can even call us if you get really stuck!

Intuitive Design

The DEBTCloud web interface is designed to be intuitive as it uses smart software to provide a fully functional real time interface, keeping you in touch with events in your business as they occur.


A picture tells a thousand word and DEBTCloud has lots of reports bundelled in to give you a view of your income stream, overdue Debtors and Staff activity. New report styles are actively being developed to meet the needs of our clients.

Flexible Campaigns

Calling Debtors needs to be systematic and easy to implement, DEBTCloud has a flexible, intuitive campaign tool to get staff on the phones and talking to people who owe money. Our automated business workflow engine keeps you informed of debts owed and as payments comes in.

Electronic Data Interchange

Our base plans include a lot of functionality right out of the box, like EDI support. Need to send data electronically with a business partner? DEBTCloud provides XML, JSON and Pipe format data. We can even develop custom interfaces on a competative hourly rate. Enable EDI support only on clients that request it, so you don't need to waste licenses. EDI is billed on a monthly basis using a "10 pack" of Active EDI Clients, so you only pay for Clients you enable it on and when you disable a Client it won't count towards your billing. EDI support for your first 10 Clients is free!

Payment Acks

Right out of the box, DEBTCloud has the ability to generate EDI payment acknowledgments in three basic formats: XML, JSON and Pipe Separated data. These formats are documented and we can develop custom export formats on request at a time based costing, billed monthly (on negotiated fixed contract plans). You can still manually export data in CSV format from within the application GUI.

EDI Debtor Import

DEBTCloud provides the ability to automatically import debtor information and create the necessary records so your staff can start contacting the Debtors for payment. Notifications and Reporting facilities enable you to be aware of new imports as they occur in real time. We implement SFTP to provide a Secure transport mechanism for clients to collect and send data.

Document Storage

As your clients send you documentation on Debtors like copies of invoices and previous correspondence, you can store those documents in DEBTCloud and retrieve them as you manage Debtors. Storage incurs a small fee per 1G calculated and billed monthly.

Client Web Interface

Does your client demand the ability to log into and see progress made on their bad Debtors? DEBTCloud provides a simple intuitive web interface that enables them to see what you have collected in Cumulative and Monthly based interactive graphical reports as well as table formats that can be exported in PDF format as needed. Web Client interface is bundelled free of charge into all plans.

Reporting Data

We love bar charts! And who can't fall in love with a nice pie or doughnut chart. Our graphical reporting is constantly being enhanced to bring innovative and interactive visual reporting to you. You can also access PDF reports and tabulated data when you need it. DEBTCloud has it where its needed in all base plans.

While other vendors are loath to enhance their products at DEBTCloud we are active in bringing more data visually and electronically. Coming Soon - Corporate Dashboard!

The main Dashboard with useful data you need to manage your business

Great Support

Got a great idea or just a small problem? Contact us!

We take support seriously.

Support When You Need It

We don't get many support calls as DEBTCloud is easy to use and highly reliable, but if you do need to contact us the built in ticketing system provides a convenient way to see tickets raised, marked for testing and closed. We can also be contacted via eMail and if really needed, a call from an English speaking technical guru will get your issue sorted.

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With Client and Debtor Management, Campaign, Fully Configurable Workflow Engine, Reporting, EDI and a host of other features... DEBTCloud provides a cost effective tool with no look in contracts. No hidden costs and a host of upgrade plans that can grow with you. We can even work out a custom solution to suit your business.. from a single person business to large Enterprises.

Plans & Pricing

Below you can see our plans & pricing and choose the one that suits you best. Keep in mind, only active clients and active debtors are counted, archived Clients and Debtors are free!

$ 7.50 / month

Entry Level Agency Plan

Entry level account plan, allows for 10 clients and a total of 40 debtors.Perfect for a low cost entry or for an Agency with high value debts from a small select clientele. Also bundles 3 users licenses.
  • Client Licenses 10
  • Debtor Licenses 40
  • User Licenses 3
  • Document Storage 1Gb

About Us

DEBTCloud is an innovative new Company that is challenging the way people do Debt Collection.

Sid Young
Chief Architect


Senior Systems Engineer and Chief Architect.

Janelle - UAT Testing
Business Analyst & Testing


Business Process Specialist and User Acceptance Testing.


Here is a collection of some frequently asked questions from our clients:


What is DEBTCloud?

DebtCloud is a web based Debt Collection Application that is hosted in a Public Cloud System. You do not download anything, just fire up a Web Browser on almost any device and your off and running with DEBTCloud.


Can I start with a basic plan?

YES! - When you sign up, you are given a basic plan. If you decide it is perfect for all of your business, you can add more clients and debtors and change your plan at any time. We are building a cost calculator to give you even more control.


When am I billed?

Billing is done every 30 days from your signup date. If you sign up in a leap year or at the end of the month then your billing perion starts and ends on the 28th of each month.


What Countries are supported?

DEBTCloud was developed to cater for Australian and New Zealand businesses and will work for English speaking countries, the framework supports foreign languages but we only offer support to English speaking countries at this stage. Taxation calculations support Austraian GST but we are currently developing a VAT model for European Countries.


Where is the data kept?

For Australian clients all data is currently hosted in a high security data centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Do you sell client data?

No! Your data is not sold to third parties, if we do develop products in the future that use portions of your data then we will inform you accordingly. But all data would be de-identified and compliant to Privacy Laws.